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Welcome to the Charity Navigator API portal!
At this site you can sign up, get an API key, access analytics, change plans, etc.

Note: The new Charity Navigator Data API is available!

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Our API provides developers access to our high-quality, comprehensive charity data which can be easily integrated into your application or website.

The Charity Navigator API includes:
  • Ratings of more than 8,000 charities (This group of public charities receives more than half of all private contributions made in the USA, when excluding houses of worship.)
  • Basic information on the entire database of 1.4 million IRS registered nonprofits
  • Automatic ratings updates (On the first of each month, we publish several hundred new ratings.)
  • Automatic additional ratings (Our analysts are currently rating about an additional 100 charities per month.)

The Charity Navigator API allows you to add valuable and trusted information to your application. Via the API you can:

  • Search by keyword(s) and other criteria
  • Browse by cause areas*
  • Browse by countries served*
  • Browse Top Ten Lists and Hot Topics*
  • Display detailed ratings and metrics for individual charities (Premium Feature)*

For a more detailed explanation of the API and the associated fees, please visit the Charity Navigator website.

Next Steps:

  • Upon initial signup, you will be asked to consent to our license agreement and to provide an explanation as to how you plan to utilize the Charity Navigator API.
  • If we determine that your plans are consistent with our mission, then you will be granted access to an API key.
  • Please contact us via api@charitynavigator.org with any questions.
As easy as it is to integrate, we know there are those with limited IT resources and so we also offer Hosted Solutions.



*Applies to rated organizations only.